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The Meaning of Server Maintenance for Gamers

Server maintenance refers to the repairs done on the game or online server. This is necessary for the proper operation of all online games and websites. Popular online games like Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and Genshin Impact have servers that can handle players. During maintenance periods, access to websites and games may be unavailable, but users can still check website status or the server’s accessibility.

What is a game server?

The gaming industry is expected to earn $260 billion in revenue by 2025 due to technological advancements, a new generation of gamers, and the release of new gaming titles. As a result of this growth, game developers need to ensure that their game servers can accommodate the increasing number of players and they don’t have to ask questions like “Is Steam down?”.

This may involve updating existing servers or creating new ones. The primary concern for game developers is maintaining the quality of the games and minimizing lag for a larger audience. The term ‘game server’ pertains to the software installed on a dedicated server, typically located in a data center.

The specific instance of the game application runs on the physical machine and manages the server side of the online game. When you research how to host game servers, it’s important to understand the differences between game servers and dedicated servers.

Game servers refer to software, while dedicated servers refer to hardware. To further clarify, there are two types of gaming servers: peer-to-peer and dedicated game servers.

Server Maintenance Reasons

Maintenance refers to repairing or improving a website or online game. When such services experience “MT” (presumably referring to maintenance), developers will work to implement updates or fixes, whether they are for large or small issues. These updates will be carried out as quickly as possible so that users can resume using the services provided by the developer.


During server maintenance, it’s important to be patient as developers work to improve online gaming experiences. Maintenance is often done to fix bugs, add new events or patches, and update game versions. Similarly, websites undergo maintenance when bugs need fixing, and updates are necessary.

Benefits of Maintenance

Maintenance is done to fix bugs. Gamers may experience this while playing online games or browsing websites. Although it may be annoying, there are benefits to server maintenance.

Here are some examples of how users benefit from developer maintenance:

  1. Improving online gameplay and site loading to prevent lag.
  2. Providing user comfort after scheduled maintenance.
  3. Fixing existing bugs in sites or online games.
  4. Enhancing security levels.
  5. Offering new updates or patches to prevent boredom for players.

Performing server maintenance is crucial for developers to enhance server quality consistently, resulting in better user experiences, particularly in online games or websites. Typically, game developers will compensate users for any inconveniences caused by server maintenance. For instance, if Genshin Impact (developed by Hoyoverse) experiences maintenance, compensation will be provided.

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