The paintings of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is known not only as a painter. He was also an architect, engineer, and musician. Indeed, da Vinci became famous thanks to his inventions. However, it is impossible to overlook the contribution that the scientist has made to world painting. So, let’s look at what Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings are the most famous.

The Mona Lisa

This outstanding work was once not so popular. It is believed that the painting depicts  Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a Florentine merchant, but the controversy still continues. It is known that da Vinci worked on the portrait for a long time and constantly made corrections.

Most viewers notice the mysterious smile of the depicted woman. But the painting is also notable for many other techniques the artist used. Mona Lisa has become a kind of symbol of Renaissance painting. The master has applied the play of light and shadows as well as other techniques that were innovative for that time.

The Last Supper

This painting is known thanks to the famous contemporary writer Dan Brown and his works. Among its features, it is noted that Leonardo has conveyed the emotions of the apostles after they heard that one of them would become a traitor. Each of the men reacts differently to what is happening. The poses of the characters suggest to a viewer their feelings.

The Last Supper

The Virgin of the Rocks

This painting has an interesting history. Two recognized versions of the painting have been preserved, both of which are considered authentic. The first is in Paris, while the second is in the UK. It is believed that the latter was not created by Leonardo himself but by his assistant.

Other Famous Leonardo’s Paintings

The master has created other works that have become very famous. One can note the following names of the famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci:

  • The Annunciation,
  • Leda and the Swan,
  • The Lady with an Ermine,
  • The Madonna Litta,
  • Saint John the Baptist, et al.

In total, the scientist and philosopher has created several dozen canvases and drawings. Some of his works are not completely finished but are still considered masterpieces of the world’s visual art.

He has painted numerous portraits. La Belle Ferronière depicts a rich Milanese lady. This work is on display in the Louvre. Saint John the Baptist belongs to the late period.

The Vitruvian Man is not a painting but rather a drawing. It is notable for the fact that the artist has tried to recreate the proportions of the human body on it as accurately as possible. The drawing is done very carefully. It shows that the creator accurately measured everything and made all the necessary calculations to convey the physiological features.

The Lady with an Ermine is considered one of the outstanding portraits painted by the master. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the artist has departed from the generally recognized canons of that time and depicted an aristocrat not in profile. The depicted lady turned toward her right at a three-quarter angle. So, the audience gets the feeling that she is looking somewhere beyond the picture.

Leonardo also painted self-portraits. One of the most famous is The Portrait of a Man in Red Chalk. It is just a drawing. The artist created it when he was 60. Even though this is just a sketch, his main character traits are conveyed there, including wisdom, calmness, and nobility.

Leonardo da Vinci has left a great legacy in various fields. His paintings are especially attractive. All because he has managed to convey the peculiarities of the fine art of his time while departing from the generally accepted canons and introducing something new into each work.

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