X-COM: UFO Enemy Unknown: A Space Shooter with Good Graphics

Anyone who likes to play strategy games where you need to fight aliens should pay attention to a game called X-COM: UFO Enemy Unknown! The game was released in 2012 by an American company called Firaxis Games, best known for its hit strategy game Civilization. The shooter is pretty good and has a lot of fans who, despite the not-too-great graphics, found a lot of advantages in it.

The plot of the game spins around the invasion of the Earth by aliens, who are naturally far from being friendly. They are trying to take over the planet and exterminate people, but the XCOM organization, whose main task is to fight extraterrestrial aggression, prevents them from doing this. You are one of the XCOM agents. The entire game plot takes place within two main views: the Geoscape and the Battlescape.

Gameplay Features

Players have several character classes to choose from:

  1. Assault Class. Everything is clear here: these are classic fighters who can shoot from firearms designed to fight aliens. They are distinguished by their speed and agility of movements.
  2. Sniper Class. This class is also traditional for shooter games: snipers must kill enemies from afar, not allowing them to get close to themselves. However, if this happens, they can always use the gun in their pocket.
  3. Heavy Class. These characters have machine guns and can destroy a lot of enemies around with the proper support of allies. Besides, they have grenade launchers.
  4. Support Class. In addition to weapons, these soldiers have medical supplies in their arsenal and can heal their allies.
  5. Psionic Class. This is a unique class that becomes available to players only after they advance through the story. The whole point of these characters is that they can act directly on the brains of enemies, subjugating them to their will.

It is recommended to try playing with the characters of each class to better experience the story of the game and look at it from different angles. It will bring some time, but it will be worth it since different characters give different gameplay experiences.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Graphics and Sound

The game was released in 2012, so do not expect that it will surpass modern shooters in terms of graphic special effects. Nevertheless, everything in it looks pretty decent: the aliens are scary, Earth’s fighters are bold and daring, and nature and technology are drawn quite well.

Of course, there are many mobile games with similar graphics these days, but despite this, the game looks good and does not repel players with its design. You can level up each character, which will give new special effects and graphic elements to the game. To do this, you can use a special protection and weapons menu.

The game has many well-designed alien species. They include mutons, sectoids, chrysalids, and many others. The aliens not only have an unpleasant appearance, but they also use dangerous extraterrestrial weapons, so players have to work hard to defeat them. The game has well-recorded sound effects of combat, weapons, and movements that complement the battle scenes very harmoniously.

System Requirements

X-COM: UFO Enemy Unknown is perfect for anyone who uses not the latest PCs and wants to relax in their free time. To run the game without any problems, an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz processor, at least 2 GB of RAM, a video card of 256 MB or more, and about 20 GB of free hard disk space are enough.

In conclusion, it can be noted once again that the game is beautifully made and has many interesting videos. The only drawbacks include a fairly small amount of content, which is why it does not take much time to complete it.

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