Main types of fine arts

Another name for fine art is spatial art. Its main feature is that it has a certain object form that does not change over time. The basis of all works of this art is a recognizable artistic image that reflects reality in a certain way.

Traditional fine arts include painting, sculpture, and graphics.


Painting is a form of fine art in which people create works by applying paint to canvases or other hard surfaces. This creative activity is based on the depiction of people, wildlife, nature, elements of everyday and social life, or historical events.

The main way of expressing thoughts and feelings for artists is color.

Other meansof fine art include gradation of light and shadow, contrasts between colors and their shades, the thickness of contour lines, the art of depicting silhouettes, the thickness and texture of paint layers.

The main forms of painting include:

  1. Easel painting. These are paintings made on easels. According to the traditions of painting, they require a frame. Easel painting does not depend on the surrounding space and is intended for autonomous perception. You can find such paintings in museums or galleries, as well as in private collections.
  2. Mural painting. It is often called wall painting and is sometimes considered a separate kind of fine art.It is an element of the decorated surfaces, so its peculiarity lies in its dependence on the surrounding space.Murals are painted directly on the walls and ceilings of buildings.

Nowadays, painting also includes digital images.


The difference between sculpture and painting is that sculpture is not flat, it has volume and exists in three-dimensional space. Sculptors use wood, stone, metal, or clay to create their works. Nowadays, artificial materials such as concrete or plastic are becoming more and more popular.

There are two main forms of sculpture, depending on its purpose:

  1. Indoor sculpture. These are sculptures of close to natural or reduced sizes that are usually used to decorate rooms from the inside.
  2. Monumental sculpture. These include outdoor monuments. They are distinguished by their large size and the significance of the underlying idea.
  3. There are also monumental and decorative sculptures that combine interior and exterior decor elements of architectural structures.

There are 2 types of sculpture:

  1. Sculpture in the round. These are sculptures that you can see from all sides and are surrounded by free space. They include statues, figurines, busts.
  2. These are sculptures that are partially immersed in flat surfaces and protrude from them.

The sculpture also has several branches, depending on the material used.These include modeling, where sculpturerswork with soft materials like clay and wax; embossing, casting, and engraving, where they use metal; and sculpting using stone, wood, and other hard substances.

Visual art
Visual art


This art form makes full use of the contrast between black and white.Graphic artists usually create images on white sheets using spots, strokes, and lines of different thicknesses.

They can also apply colors, but they are an auxiliary tool and perform a local function. Today, graphics also include drawings in colored pencils, watercolor or sanguine.

The main types of graphics include:

  1. Easel graphics. These include drawings, engravings made on paper by printing from a printing plate, and images made in watercolor.
  2. Magazine graphics. They are used to decorate printed publications.
  3. Book graphics. These include various types of illustrations, book and document covers, vignettes, endpapers.
  4. Calligraphy or the art of writing.
  5. Posters for advertising or agitation.

Recently, a special kind of computer graphics has also appeared.

Other Fine Arts

Due to the lack of a unified classification, it is difficult to say which other types of fine art should be distinguished. Sometimesthistype ofartalsoincludes:

  1. A monumental art form involving the construction of buildings. This unique art not only has aesthetic value but also serves practical purposes.
  2. An art form that consists in creating various household items.
  3. The choice of aesthetic characteristics for industrial products.
  4. Photography.

Fine arts reflect reality through visual images, demonstrate the diversity of the surrounding world, of human feelings and ideas.

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