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Research on the popularity of live dealer games at online casinos

The history of gambling dates back many centuries. In ancient times, betting on money was no less popular than it is today. As you know, everything changes – the world, technology, but not the nature of people. And people love excitement: many of them are ready to bet all their money on luck, and all this for the thrill.

The world of gambling business today is developing rapidly. It all started with dice and primitive cards – today, gambling has reached a new, digital level. The modern gambling industry is subject to the laws of globalization: marketers are looking for new ways to promote gambling projects and carefully monitor trends in the gaming community.

Today, we will talk about the popularity of casino One Win Lucky Jet and other online casino games, consider the laws by which the gambling industry has developed in recent years, and find out the phenomenon of popularity of online projects with live croupiers. Enjoy your reading and new useful knowledge.

one win Lucky Jet
Lucky Jet

Gambling industry: the role of live croupiers in online projects

Every year, there are more and more projects for online casinos. Developers consider players’ needs and create new projects based on the preferences of the modern gaming community. Betting on luck is popular in various game categories: today, the customers of traditional and virtual gambling establishments are in demand for card and table games, but especially popular simulations of slot machines.

The gambling community closely follows the trends in the industry and develops its useful chips – for example, programs for creating algorithms in slot games. So players can free Lucky Jet hack apk download and enjoy customized strategies for their favorite slot games.

The concept of dealers in casino games has taken root in online gambling. The dealer, or croupier, performs quite important functions in the casino:

  1. Conducts the game.
  2. Maintains a friendly environment at the gaming table.
  3. Monitors keeping with the rules of the game.

The main task of any croupier is client-oriented because, in the casino, everything is tied to money: those that win customers and those that make up the casino’s income.

It would be a mistake to assume dealers only work in traditional urban casinos. Their profession is quite exotic – many people see their work as more of a lifestyle. Casinos are striving to optimize gaming processes, and as a result, robotic dealers have emerged.

Robots perform the same functions as live croupiers but work much faster and clearer. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the field of online casinos, robot croupiers. According to statistics, most gamblers prefer to spend time betting and being in the company of a competent mentor rather than one-on-one with a soulless slot machine or computer.

At the same time, live croupiers work in land-based casinos and on the Internet. Today, this phenomenon is gaining momentum and getting increasingly popular: gamblers want to play in the company of a live person, not a robotic program. In online gambling, croupiers work in real-time and help players go through the game stories with full involvement.

Such dealers work with card, table, and slot games. With enough modern computer technology, online gaming with a real croupier is not inferior to traditional gaming – neither in matters of atmosphere nor in terms of betting excitement.

Casino games
Casino games

Online games with live croupiers make the gaming process truly interactive. These dealers work with customers through video channels and offer them all the features of a traditional casino. Gambling with a live croupier on the Internet looks as follows.

The dealer sits at the table at a land-based casino or specialized studio and broadcasts his work on camera in real-time. Often, the work of such a croupier is equipped with several cameras, each giving the client a view of the gaming table from one angle or another. During this broadcast, croupiers watch the actions of the gamblers through the monitor, which displays clients’ moves on their computer screens.

Information technology allows the casino industry to reach a qualitatively new level of gambling. The gap between traditional and online casinos is getting smaller and smaller. In the future, we will surely see virtual gambling establishments that, in their functionality, are not inferior to land-based casinos. Today, live croupiers lead online games as fully as they accompany table projects in the usual urban casinos: their main tools are the Internet and video communication.


The gambling industry is developing rapidly, and it awaits even more progress. More and more states are legalizing traditional and online casinos, as consumers in this sphere of services are becoming more and more, and the income of gambling establishments grows accordingly.

Modern online game developers are trying to diversify their projects – each studio is trying to bring something new to the world of gambling. For example, the creators of the Lucky Jet game came up with a truly revolutionary achievement: the studio reworked the concept of old slot machines and created a fascinating simulation slot machine for virtual gamblers.

The user community hasn’t been left behind, either. Every month, more and more useful chips for popular online projects appear in the arsenal of gamblers – among them Lucky Jet predictor apk. This is a tool for creating new algorithms that allow users to diversify their gaming experience and show how to play Lucky Jet in new and unconventional ways. You, too, can try this and other useful programs to create a qualitatively new approach to online betting.


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