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The best games for two users on PS4

Today, the era of online gaming is too intense. Cooperative games on the PS4 continue to win gamers’ hearts. They are not only an excellent option for entertainment but also contribute to strengthening social bonds, opening the possibility of more interesting joint trials. So, many gamers are looking for the best games for two users on the PS4.

Collective playing opens up new horizons for gamers and helps them combine their efforts, develop different strategies together and share the joy of winning. It is a cooperative mode that teaches users teamwork, so it teaches gamers to collaborate to achieve a common goal.

The best games for two users on PS4 console

  1. Overcooked 1 and Overcooked 2. This arcade puzzle helps gamers prepare and race dishes with time. For gameplay, intense dynamics are characteristic, which requires quick reaction and well-organized interaction from participants. On the way to cooking, gamers will face various obstacles, such as terrible kitchen plans or unexpected accidents.
  2. A Way Out. This unique adventure was created specifically for the cooperative passage. Two main characters Leo and Vincent are planning an escape from prison. So, each gamer has to control one of these characters. Interaction elements and problem-solving, where each character plays a role, make A Way Out a very exciting game and unusual project.

    A Way Out
    A Way Out
  3. LittleBigPlanet 3. This is a fresh platform arcade with puzzle elements that will help gamers overcome various obstacles using four characters’ skills. The user can adapt to each level of complexity, so it is possible thanks to skillful editing tools. This helps users use their creativity and create their own levels of complexity.
  4. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. The Diablo universe is popular due to its dark and dynamic gameplay, so Reaper of Souls is no exception. Cooperative mode allows friends to team up to four people to share a story project. They can also have endless modes of exciting adventures. The team’s cooperation in this dark world makes the interaction between the participants exciting and interesting, as each rank of the character complements another one. As a result, combining battles against demons and bosses creates, which is very unusual.
  5. Rocket League. If you are sure that combining football with racing cars is impossible, then the Rocket League will show you that you are wrong. It will help you feel the speed and use the collective mode with your comrades. Two users can join together to participate in duels and trios or standard battles. The coordination of actions and strategies is important, so it makes every match unpredictable and exciting. The multiplayer mode enhances the game experience, also it contains realistic arenas and cars.
    LittleBigPlanet 3LittleBigPlanet 3

There are many other excellent cooperative projects on the PS4 that deserve your attention. Among them is Divinity: Original Sin 2 and its realistic tactical combat system, as well as Helldivers and its command playing in the twin-stick shooter genre. There is a great range of games for sharing, so gamers can use many exciting projects. Among them are classic arcades and sophisticated indie projects with a relaxed vibe.


The best PS4 games for two gamers, which we describe in our list, will give the perfect platform to users who are looking for a project for a pleasant time together. Thanks to them, they can strengthen their friendship and develop team spirit. Each gamer will find something perfect there. So, he or she can choose from many different projects. Among them are boundless realms in the fantasy genre or sports arenas.

Today, our world is a field for social interaction, so such projects become a symbolic bridge that connects the hearts and minds of gamers.

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