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The best logic games on Android

Logic games are not just fun but an excellent way for the user to train his intelligence, as well as to develop analytical thinking and just have fun. Today, we are in an era of digital technology, and the popularity of such games is increasing every year. So, many gamers prefer to spend their free time on puzzles on their smartphones.

However, many people ask: why should they play games on mobile devices? We would like to answer that that is the easy accessibility of such games, as well as the ability for gamers to play anytime and anywhere. This makes smartphones and tablets the perfect platform for gaming.

With the development of mobile technologies and the development of an operating system such as Android, the quests market has expanded. Previously, logic games were associated with desktop or computer versions in the first place. But today, there are the best logic games for Android. This rating is essential because such projects become more popular every day.

Monument Valley
Monument Valley

The best logic games on Android

  1. Monument Valley. This game gives gamers the opportunity to make a unique journey among gorgeous architectural landscapes and objects. The gameplay of this game is that the user has to change perspective to overcome obstacles. There are such components as magnificent graphics, a combination of bright colors and minimalist-level design. They transform Monument Valley into a real work of art in the field of mobile gaming.
  2. The Room. The Room series is a collection of intriguing puzzles that will give users an atmosphere of mystery and mysticism. Each part of this series is an object that the user should explore, as well as search for hidden mechanisms and solve complex puzzles there. There is a unique atmosphere, stunning visuals and fascinating storyline that make The Room one of the best representatives of the genre.
  3. Two Dots. This project clearly demonstrates how simple ideas emerge from fascinating puzzles. At first glance, the task seems even elementary. You should just connect two points in one color. However, when the level of complexity rises, gamers should create new and complex strategies and use innovative approaches. Designed in a minimalist style, it emphasizes its essence in a better way. The music creates a pleasant, chilling vibe.
  4. Brain It On! Physical puzzle fans will appreciate this game for sure. In the Brain It On! each level of complexity represents a unique challenge. So, gamers should draw different objects that will help them achieve their goal. Thanks to a wide range of tasks and levels, it will not allow you to get bored for tens of hours of gameplay. Your brain will always remain in tune, and you will move from simple solutions to complex combinations.

    Brain It On!
    Brain It On!
  5. Lara Croft GO. There, gamers should combine adventure elements with the solution of riddles. The aesthetic in it was inspired by ancient temples and forgotten worlds. Also, it combines excellent design and beautiful style. All of this transforms this actual work of art.

If you want to find more intellectual entertainment, then we would like to draw your attention to games like 2048, Prune and Hitman GO. These curious projects will give you many mysteries, which deserve your attention too.


The best Android logic games that we listed in this rating list will give you a unique combination of entertainment and intellectual tasks. There are classic puzzles and modern projects, so each game from our list will provide you with many hours of exciting gameplay. We advise you not to miss your chance to train your brain and have fun at the same time!

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