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How to Utilize Zonai Wing Devices in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Within the expansive world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, many remarkable Zonai technology can be found. Among them, the allure of Zonai Wings is immediately captivating.

However, these avian-inspired flying gadgets can pose a challenge for novice players. Let’s explore the optimal methods of utilizing them and delve into a selection of Zonai Wing tips and tricks we’ve discovered during our escapades.

The tutorial section on Great Sky Island serves as your introduction to these wings, where you’ll quickly grasp their ability to grant aerial mobility without needing a paraglider. To fully unlock the potential of these devices, there are a few additional insights you’ll want to acquire.

Main Tips

  1. Remember, there’s a time limitation when you use a Wing. It’s easy to overlook if you have yet to have much success with a Zonai Wing, but after one minute, the wing will disappear. This means that regardless of your piloting skill, your maximum flight time is limited.
  2. Fans and rockets can give you a speed boost. While fans are the obvious choice for enhancing wing performance, attaching rockets can significantly increase speed, albeit temporarily. However, controlling a rocket-powered wing can be challenging, so it’s advisable to use them during launch or when you’re at a high altitude and free from obstacles unless you intend to collide with maximum force.
  3. Consider using runways or launch areas. When you head up to the Sky Islands, you’ll come across scattered runways where you can place your wing to achieve a graceful glide into the air. These runway areas also provide additional Zonai gear, such as wings and fans, making them ideal for experimentation and getting accustomed to wing controls. They ensure a clean lift-off, which can be more challenging when launching from other areas.
  4. In trickier terrain, utilize Recall to get airborne. In situations where you have limited space, especially in the Depths, use Recall. Grasp your wing with the Ultrahand and move it from the ground into the air along the desired flight path. Do this slowly. Hold it at its maximum height, then return it to the ground. Jump on board and activate Recall to retrace the steps, enabling you to take off and activate any fans or gadgets for propulsion.
  5. For finer control, attach a Zonai Steering Stick. Throughout your journey, you’ll discover Zonai Steering Sticks in various locations and Zonai Device Dispensers. Once you have one, please attach it to the center of your wing to experience immediate and responsive control during flight.
Zonai Wing flight tilt
Zonai Wing flight tilt

Additional Recommendations

Remember, your position on a wing affects its movement. This may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. Standing to the left or right while airborne will cause the wing to tilt in that direction while moving to the back or front will make it rise or fall. For optimal stability, it’s recommended to spend most of your time on the circular pad in the middle.

Extend your battery time with Zonai Charges. To maximize your flight time to one minute, keep your battery charged by using Zonai charges. The default battery won’t keep you in the air for long before losing altitude, so regularly recharge it from your inventory to maintain uninterrupted flight.

Attaching multiple components can be a hassle, so utilize Autobuild for swift construction. Early in the game, you acquire a blueprint for a three-fanned wing build. Drop the required items and enjoy the convenience of rapid assembly.

Here’s a clever technique to extend your airtime: combine stamina, the wing’s battery, and natural glide time. While paragliding, access your inventory and drop a wing. The wing will materialize beneath you, allowing you to descend onto it and continue soaring through the air gracefully. Impressive, isn’t it?

Zonai Wing flight extension
Zonai Wing flight extension

Mastering this maneuver may take time, and some people may find it challenging. In addition to the above steps, remember to keep the left stick untouched during the process. This ensures that your paraglider moves at a slow, controlled pace, leaving no visible contrails. Once you drop the wing, observe its movement and time your landing. Although it may seem daunting at first, with practice, you’ll develop a sense of timing and confidently land on the wing.

You can fuse wings with shields and weapons for various effects, but one of our favorites is attaching a wing to a shield to prolong your time in the air while shielding. Once you have fused the wing shield, jump and press the ‘A’ button while airborne to activate this combo, granting you a longer window of opportunity than regular shields.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, mastering the Zonai Wings in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is exciting and rewarding. While the early stages of using these innovative devices may seem daunting, remember that practice makes perfect.

Whether it’s learning to handle the time limit, performing an impressive paragliding maneuver, or fusing wings with shields for prolonged airtime, each step in your journey to mastery will open up new possibilities within the expansive world of the game. So, strap on those wings, harness your courage, and soar to new heights in your Zelda adventures. Happy flying.

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